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Coach Marissa Fazio Competitive Team Coach

Marissa has been in gymnastics all her life.  She was a competitive gymnast in New Jersey and  competed up to level 9.   She's been coaching for over 14 years. She started her coaching career in her mother's gym in New Jersey.  Marissa is married with two children that keep her busy when she is not coaching.  Marissa is a highly qualified and talented coach.  She is USA Gymnastics safety certified coach, First Aid/CPR certified.. She has been coaching competitive and recreational classes at All Around Gymnastics since 2011.

Coach Michelle Bormann Recreational  Coach

Michelle has been in gymnastics most her life.  Michelle   coaches in the AGA Summer Camp , After School , Recreational  & the Special Olympics Program . She has been coaching at AGA since 2014. She is First Aid/CPR Certified .Michelle has her BA in Special Education and works full time as a Special Education teacher.

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Lynnett Baumker           Lori Dillon

        Lynnett and Lori have been friends since high school. They started their   coaching career together in 1987 at the YMCA. Over the years they continued to grow in their gymnastics careers separately.   In early 2000 Lori joined Lynnett at All Around Gymnastics to manage the program.  Eventually the long time friends partnered up as co-owners.


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Coach Rosette Garcia  Recreational, Assistant L2  & Substitute coach

Rosette has been in gymnastics most of her life. She was a competitive gymnast here at All Around Gymnastics up to level 6 . Rosette started her coaching career in 2017 by  volunteering with AGA  in the competitive team program. She helped coach the Pre-team & Team girls.  She gained knowledge and experience through her volunteering  under the AGA team coaches.  Rosette currently is the assistant Level 2 coach, and coaches in the afterschool and recreational program. 

Coach Demetrius Substitute Recreational /Team Coach

Demetrius has been coaching gymnastics for several years. He specializes  in tumbling. Demetrius coaches in the AGA Summer Camp Program, Boys/Girls Rec Program  and Tumbling classes . He is a USAG Instructor Member .

Coach Brianna Brown Substitute Recreational Coach

Brianna  has been in gymnastics for many years. She started taking classes with us when she was in elementary school.  Brianna first volunteered with AGA  for two summers in the Summer camp program . She gained knowledge and experience through her volunteering  and started coaching at AGA in 2017. Brianna id First Aid/CPR certified.

Coach Jordan Estes Recreational/ Pre-Team  Coach

Jordan has been in gymnastics since she has been 4 years old . She was a competitive gymnast at All Around Gymnastics and competed up to level 7.  Jordan coaches in the AGA Summer Camp Program, After School Program and  Recreational Program and she is the AGA sub coach . Jordan has been coaching since 2015  and is  a USAG safety certified coach.

Coach Calum Scott  Recreational /Team Coach

Calum was a competitive gymnast growing up, then he transitioned into circus arts. He spent 4 years as a circus artist. He has been coaching since 2007 . He also specialized in coaching tumbling. Calum is a USA Gymnastics Profession Member, USA Gymnastics Safety Certified . First Aid/CPR Certified. 

Coach Cyndi Locrotondo Competitive Team Coach/Judge

Cyndi has been in gymnastics all her life. She grew up as a competitive gymnast in south Florida. She has been coaching for 30+ years. She has taught recreational, competitive and elite gymnastics. Cyndi brings a great talent and knowledge to the  All Around Gymnastic competitive program.  Cyndi is married with 2 children.  Who are both competitive in MMA grapplers and her son plays football. She is a USA Professional Member , USA Gymnastics Safety certified USAG judge, Member of region 8 hall of fame, First Aide /CPR certified.  She has been coaching at All Around Gymnastics since 2007.

Coach Alyx Gorgone Recreational Coach/ Xcel Assistant Coach

Alyx grew up involved in gymnastics. Her mom owned and operated a "My GymFitness Center" Gymnastics Program. Alyx gained a lot of experience at a young age through helping her mom coach in her family business. She also was a competitive gymnast in our facility here at All Around Gymnastics. She competed up to level 7. She joined the All Around Gymnastics coaching staff in 2018 . Alyx is USA Gymnastics Safety Certified, USA Gymnastics Professional member , First Aid/CPR certified .